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Player Name: Ana
Personal DW: [personal profile] betterthanlegos
E-mail: no
AIM: no
Other characters currently in-game: Dazzler, Cannonball, Polaris, Wither and X-23
Who referred you to the game?: all of your moms

Character Name: Angelo Espinosa || Skin

Canon source: Marvel 616, just from the last issue of Generation X

Preferred drop-in point: Seattle

Third Person Sample:

Some people might have felt weird and disoriented to be thrust into a world so easily and without warning. Some people might have fallen down and cried, desperate to see their loved ones again. Angelo Espinosa, however, was not afraid, and he was not a coward. This whole thing was new, yes, but he'd gotten pretty used to weird for the last few years. From falling in with the X-men, to Generation X and all the whacked out shit that happened on that team, this hardly made him blink. It put a huge roadblock in his future plans about what to do after leaving the school, but he could do it. One thing Skin was able to do was adapt, and he'd do so without complaint.

Besides, he was in Seattle, and it wasn't like Seattle was LA. What was Seattle going to do to him besides rain all over his droopy skin(Look; he's melting, he's melting! Oh what a world?!)? Sure, he'd need to find somewhere to live and some food while he was going to be here, but that was manageable. He'd scavenged before, and he could do it again. His ease into adaptation made him a survivor, and the only thing around here that he was worried about consisted of getting a pack of smokes ASAP. Heh, maybe if Jono was around, he could save two bucks on a lighter. That'd be some nice, good luck for him, wouldn't it? He did actually hope that his friends were here, because what was the fun of weird adventures if his amigos weren't along for the ride? Besides, if you wanted to tell an awesome story when you returned from a trip, it'd help to have a second person to back you up. He didn't want to go home and tell everyone what happened, only to have them react the same way they did to the take down of the dragon. Which, to this day, he would defend that he and Monet actually did!

When he stepped outside into this new world, he had to admit that it was looking dim. He was alone right now, and though he was optimistic, there was still a chance it could stay that way. Well, okay. Maybe people wouldn't end up believing him about this one, but at least it would mean the others would be looking for him on the other side. He'd been yanked here in the middle of a hug, so it would be noticed by his friends right away.

And if they couldn't get to him? Well, he was Angelo Espinosa and he was not afraid of anything ever. He would deal with the hand he was given, adapt, survive and figure out how to get home all by himself.


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Angelo Espinosa || Skin

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